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Currently, I run a men’s beauty salon in several locations in Tokyo. Now, this time, in order to raise awareness, we have decided to use this opportunity to release the footage of the camera installed in the room of the therapist who violated our terms of service (actual act). Today’s post is “Sena”, 3 months after entering our store. Even if she doesn’t have anything to write home about when it comes to her treatments, she’s starting to gain popularity from a certain group of people because she looks a little like a gyaru, and she’s just 19 years old and simply has good visuals. He was a promising rookie therapist. Her talk was light and friendly, and some customers came to the store looking forward to it. However, she seems to have broken up with her boyfriend about a month ago, and although there were some mentally unstable parts, we were completely relieved that she was going to work properly and providing services. However, he violated the rules by not being able to let go of the customer’s demand for the actual performance, which he would have been able to easily parry. It will be a situation that it will be vaginal cum shot as it is. Even though he was probably feeling lonely, he didn’t show us such behavior and pushed himself too hard. I’m guessing not. I feel guilty myself, but mixing up my work and private life is unacceptable, and in order to prevent a recurrence, I had no choice but to dismiss him for breach of contract. Please confirm with your own eyes what kind of treatment was done specifically. [Comment from the store] A sexy style with a half-model-like face and smooth thighs of a 19-year-old. Hospitality with the finest hand techniques and aggressive massage. I feel like I want to bury my face in her pure white legs, but please bear with me. She looks like a gal, but she’s shy, and she’s full of cuteness. Her soft massage is the best way to relieve men’s fatigue. You can feel a gentle and relaxing time that makes you want to come back again and again. She’s beautiful on the inside and out, and just by being with her, you’ll be healed…Enjoy a blissful moment♪

– JavGG.net


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