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Year-round estrus jd [Ai / 21 years old / female college student] I have a saffle relationship with “Ai” who attends the same university, so today we have a meal date together. There are countless men who have been eaten by the devilishness of having sex in a cute atmosphere. Ai-chan is so horny that she was picked up at a convenience store the other day and screamed at karaoke with a man she met for the first time. Perhaps I was full of energy from the beginning, but when I finished the meal, I was whispered “Hotel … Iko …”, so I went to the hotel inn. When entering the room, Ai’s sexual desire explodes, and belochu kiss & immediate scale start in front of the door! Ai-chan desperately sucks on Ji-Po, maybe she was waiting. I managed to get to the back of the room, take off her skirt and caress her, and Mako is already wet. Use the toys you have prepared to loosen the wet pussy and insert the gingined Ji Po (raw) in the missionary position … While enjoying the entwined raw pleasure without rubber, hit your hips. I kept shaking my hips as my instinct went and made vaginal cum shot in the back ♪ I scooped out sperm with a finger man and moved to the unit bath. I said “I want to pee …”, so I opened Ai-chan with m-shaped legs on the toilet bowl and watched urination. I got excited about the appearance of peeing in full view of Mako, and I got stuck on the spot with a standing back insertion. As soon as she moves to bed, Ai-chan pushes her ass against her face, sucks Ji-Po and starts sixty nine. I applied her oil all over my body and whispered “I can’t stand it …” when I was barefoot, so I inserted the woman on top posture as it was. Sensitive body that faints in agony with the meat stick that pushes up and repeats the cum … I can not stand this also with raw convulsions Ma Ko, so I beg for “put it on my face …”, so the last finish with facial cumshots! Ai-chan scoops a lot of sperm around her mouth with her fingers, licks it, and tastes it deliciously. Let’s continue to have sex ♪ – JavGG.net


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