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[Limited to mgs videos! About bonus video present]
This is a product that is eligible for a special video gift.
“Mr. Suzumori who is good at teasing. Mr. Suzumori who always plays with me and youth Icharab 3 production !! Remu Suzumori”
If you purchase from the start of reservation to July 10, 2022, you will receive a bonus video!

▽ Bonus video
“Remu Suzumori teaches! A technique that a man who is not handsome can get rid of! 』* Newly taken
Recording time: 40 minutes

You want to have sex with an amateur girl, right?
For men who are not handsome, customs are a blissful time, but there are big worries …

・ On the way home from customs, it becomes empty …

・ Customs are the same everywhere, I’m tired of it and it’s not fun …

The relationship only with money and the technique of getting rid of an amateur girl are completely different.
For example, in the net pick-up using dating, the excitement of persuading an amateur girl,
You can enjoy the thrills that are not found in customs, creating relationships to make you saffle.
However, many unfashionable men do not know how to persuade.
You’re just acting off the mark.

But that’s not unreasonable.
This is because I don’t have the opportunity to learn techniques to get rid of amateur girls.
But this technique can be improved by anyone who knows the tricks.

Therefore, av actress Remu Suzumori teaches that you can easily improve the technique of spoiling! A technique that a man who is not handsome can get rid of! is.

When I see “Remu Suzumori teaches! Techniques for a man who is not handsome!”
You will be able to have sex with women outside of money.

A little earlier, I asked my friend, a ugly man in his 20s, to see this bonus video.
As a result of having an amateur girl I met through dating practice it, it was said that it was splendidly spoiled.

“Remu Suzumori teaches! Techniques for a man who is not handsome!”
Detailed explanations for each theme, such as appearance, meals, attitudes and behaviors, and conversations.
Just by looking at it, you will be surprisingly good at persuading.

A must-see for those who want to learn the technique of a man who is not a handsome guy and want to spear with an amateur girl!
This is a bonus video for those who purchased by July 10th.
* Recording time and product specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.

・ Bonus footage will be automatically added to your purchase history around July 30, 2022. There is no individual notification at the time of addition.

▽ Contents of the main story
[In the school classroom] Remu Suzumori and actor a belokis, rubbing breasts from the top of clothes, licking nipples, licking from the top of pants ● fingering, fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob, face-to-face sitting, standing back, back, back Sitting position, missionary position, facial cumshots. Cleaning fellatio.

[At school stairs] Handjob & Blow, shot into the mouth.

[At the gymnasium warehouse] Remu Suzumori licks the nipple of actor a, handjob & blowjob & actor plays with Remu Suzumori’s man muscle, blowjob, and shoots on the tongue.

[At the home of actor a] Remu Suzumori is nipple groping, belokis, handjob & blowjob & ball licking, boobs rubbing, nipple groping & ball licking, finger man, missionary, cowgirl, back cowgirl , Back, side, missionary, facial. Cleaning fellatio.

[At the school pool] Nipple groping, boobs massage, blowjob & handjob, cunnilingus, cunnilingus, fingering, 69, missionary, cowgirl, back, ass from the top of the water. Standing back in the pool, ekiben, cunnilingus, missionary posture at the poolside, firing on the boobs.

[For a limited time! By 2022/08/08 09:59, in addition to the usual redemption points, 300pt (300 yen worth) of fixed-term points will be given to those who purchase this product! * Estimated point grant date: Around 12:00 the day after the purchase date / Point expiration date: 14 days / Notes: Customers via pcmax are not eligible] – JavGG.net


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