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What on earth is [a girl seeking a man using a matching app] looking for …?

In this project, we interviewed the girls who actually met on the matching app and
A documentary that explores their reality!

The second is Achan who matched with tin ● er!

[Question to her]
q. How long have you been in the app?
q. Do you have an upper age limit?
q. What is the oldest person you have ever met?
q. What is the deciding factor for good return?
q. Do you like yourself?
q. How often do you meet?
q. How many people play at the same time?
q. Do you often meet in front of the station?
q. Isn’t the nearest station of the other party scary?
q. What happens when I get drunk?
q. Do you want to have sex when you get drunk?
q. Will you do it that day if you meet?
q. What kind of person did you do with the app?
q. Who became saffle with the app?

[Play content: ① Inside the car (smartphone shooting)]
#Vacuum blow job in the car
#Glans licking / Deep Throating
#Mouth firing

[Play content: ② Hotel edition]
#Flirtatious kiss ・ Intense skinship
#Remove the bra and play with the nipple
#Fucking through cracks through underwear
#Glans licking, rod licking, no-hand blow job
#Chestnut groping with close-up
#Cunnilingus, Gashiman, Squirting with Manguri
#Vacuum blow job with strong suction
#Insert at missionary position
#Side position
#Doggy style with longer insertion time (over the sword)
#Refill Bukkake on beautiful breasts at missionary position

[Play content: ③ 2nd round with Maid Kos]
#Echi Echi Change into maid costume
#Both nipple licking, picnic kiss, handjob & blowjob service full course
#Cunnilingus & fingering and handjob each other’s local blame
#Refill Vacuum Blow
#Insert at missionary position
# Face-to-face cowgirl (Shigure Chausu + Warp Kannon)
#Back standing
#Doggy Style
#Refill Facials at missionary position
#Cleaning Blow – JavGG.net


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