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ren-chan 2nd year college student I love Korean idols tw ○ ce, b ○ s, book pink etc … sns photos are too much. I thought it was really cute. win. I won only this one. It’s easy to talk to, bright and has a glittering smile. The personality is also the best. Get hungry before going to the hotel. All the guys around her are looking at her and feeling superior. She seems to like idols too much, but she has an idol face from the beginning. Her style is also good. She is very excited about the hotel with an open-air bath that she has been researching. I’m glad I did it here! I thought, and above all, I was very happy to be able to shoot her beautiful naked body with natural light w It was a smooth and pure white body with no scratches … A tremendously sensitive body. A genius who overflows with naughty juice from the dick. If you attack with more sensitive breasts at the same time, the dick will tighten tightly. I committed a lot because I wanted to record a video of this child’s head jumping because it was too lively. She was able to get the best appearance, so thank you. – JavGG.net


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