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#Communication Department #e-Game Club #Invitation to a student support project for a unique group j ○ “Yuno” who wanders around the city late at night with a boyfriend. “Is it okay here?” He enthusiastically talks about his dream of becoming a game programmer. It seems that he is a type who is particular about what he is interested in (laughs), so if you insert 1 cm there, you will get a 10,000 yen dildo challenge! When I proposed, it seemed that he understood, “What? Dildo? (Laughs)”. Are you curious? Slowly insert into Ubuman who is not fully grown. How nervous are you? Quiet … Oh, I feel it (laughs). This child has a very nice face when I feel it. It is erotic to keep quiet and move your hips at your own pace. But I can’t stand my voice. I’m thrilled at the waist that moves up and down. M-shaped, small and cute butt with oil. It just leaks! The voice! Shift change from how many centimeters you can put in to what feels good! And the tide! When measured … 13 cm! (Get 130,000 yen!) The swastika is a dildo. Are you also curious about how dildos and decachins are different? Sensitive just by kissing. Both nipples and chestnuts are licked to anal and are overjoyed! The best blowjob at my own pace. Unique tongue! I saw this for the first time (laughs) I’m pinning my legs in the missionary position! Ekiben! Standing back! Straddle a horse-like big dick at the woman on top posture and pretend to be a waist show time! So, irresistibly cloudy pregnancy profit is secretly vaginal cum shot, and a total of 4 vaginal cum shot! The last is too vulgar j ○ waist pretending to be chased by a dildo. Must see! – JavGG.net


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