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The subject of the first shoot today is a 21-year-old girl who looks good with long black hair who is currently attending college. She says she’s been busy at school for about a month lately. She says she’ll be alone when she’s horny, and she’s adorable when she shyly says, “Do it with your fingers …?” She likes older people, and she talks naked about her ears and neck being an erogenous zone. Big breasts overflowing when she rolls her clothes. She blushes when she is pointed at the camera and she seems to be shy. When her nipples crawl on her ears and a man’s tongue, she reacts sensitively and makes her lustrous roar, causing stains on her pale pink panties. Inserting a man’s finger into her wet vagina and slowly stimulating it distorts her face and makes her feel pleasant. She holds a cock with a small devilish smile, saying, “I’m getting bigger.” She sucks with a raw and vulgar noise, and shows off her nipple licking, which she is good at, with her smile. When I sank the erected Ichimotsu into her vaginal opening that wriggles for pleasure, she trembles her body and writhes in pleasure. She said, “Ah! I’m crazy!” She was pierced from behind her and screamed at her number one today. The more she pokes, the more obscenely she sways. The finish is made by splashing semen on the trapped female milk that hits the female meat with the ejaculation feeling that increases with the high-speed piston. – JavGG.net


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